Unity Solutions

Team Realization

We will work with your teams to give them the tools they need to cooperate and drive positive change within the company.

Phase I

Observation and Analysis

We start by silently observing your organization. During the first week, our consultant inserts into the site and spends time understanding your team in the background of daily operations. During the second week, the consultant spends time observing through interaction and engagement with your team in order to fully understand the current dynamics. 

Review and Consensus

In the third week, the consultant completes the initial assessment and reviews it with relevant leadership teams. 

Discussion will focus on key issues and the path toward resolution. Consensus is required before proceeding to Phase II.

Phase II

Understand and Establish

In Phase II, we work side-by-side with your team, working through daily challenges, and establishing the necessary tools and resources to pave the way to a fully realized team. This may include our proven processes, or programs that are tailored to your specific needs.

Teach and Unite

In the culminating weeks of the project, we will develop your employees’ mastery of teamwork. At this point in the process, the teams have a fully realized sense of team dynamics and your process. Individuals understand how to solve problems together, thus unlocking the equipped and harmonious workplace culture you’ve desired.

Your team is about to level up

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