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Our philosophy

Unity Solutions recognizes that company culture encompasses everything from day-to-day meetings to how leadership groups prioritize tasks and make decisions. Poor culture can negatively impact all systems within an organization, especially if a system is absent altogether. Even the best management system or process can be rendered ineffective by a toxic culture. That’s why our methodology focuses on two key areas: fixing a culture to fit an existing management system, or developing and implementing a customized management system that seamlessly integrates with an organization’s repaired culture. Our organization of consultants works closely with clients to identify the root causes of cultural issues and develop targeted solutions that drive meaningful, lasting change.

Communication Excellence

We prioritize developing effective communication skills among leadership employees to address and resolve disagreements constructively, fostering a harmonious work environment.

Culture Transformation

Our focus on personal reflection and team-building workshops facilitates a positive shift in workplace culture, leading to enhanced employee morale and productivity.

Ben Hankinson

Primary Consultant

Ben is a co-founder of Unity Solutions. He brings a wealth of expertise and a genuine passion for transforming organizational dynamics. With a focus on coaching individuals through corporate interpersonal challenges, Ben thrives on dismantling barriers that hinder leaders from translating knowledge into action. His pragmatic approach and commitment to fostering genuine connections resonate deeply with clients, making him a trusted partner in driving meaningful cultural change within organizations.

Ben brings firsthand leadership experience from a dynamic production environment to his role as a Corporate Culture Consultant. Proficient in identifying and resolving the underlying issues contributing to corporate discord, he excels in developing tailored systems and training leaders to effectively implement them.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ben finds joy in the strategic intricacies of chess and cherishes quality time with his wife and children in their Minnesota home.

Julia Hankinson

Corporate Business Manager

Julia is a co-founder and the Business Manager of Unity Solutions.  With an eye for detail and a passion for entrepreneurship, Julia oversees the communications, scheduling, marketing, and financial operations of our business.

Beyond her role here, Julia is a savvy entrepreneur in her own right, crafting promotional and resale goods. Julia’s enthusiasm and expertise ensure smooth operations and impressed clients.

Outside of work, she enjoys completing house projects, gardening and adventuring with her husband and two kids.

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