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UTB - The Ultimate Query Tool

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The UTB is a fully functioning Query Tool giving you access to your database using ODBC connections. A graphical user interface means that you can simply point and click your way to complex SQL statements or use the SQL editor to write your query direct.  The UTB has been optimized for massive databases, capable of dealing with MILLIONS of rows and thousands of columns.  The UTB will deliver data to you at blistering speed - the likes of which you've never seen before.

The UTB was originally developed around the needs of the ERP marketplace, where databases are run on anything from Microsoft SQL server, IBM DB2 through to massive parallel Oracle databases. These systems typically service many hundreds, sometimes thousands of users.  Their databases are simply GIGANTIC running into MANY TERABYTES of disk space.

Unity brings you the ultimate Query Tool which is being used by these organizations.  Stop looking at the hour glass and start seeing your data !!

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  • Blistering Performance
  • Connect to ANY ODBC Data Source
  • See Tables and Views
  • Filter the Schema
  • Drag and Drop SQL builder
  • Graphical Table Join
  • Export results into Excel
  • Convert Query to Crystal Reports
  • SQL Editor, Enter Raw SQL Code
  • Printing Capability
  • Powerful Query Builder, a powerful and intuitive graphical user interface for building complex SQL queries.
  • No SQL Knowledge is required, all functions are point and click
  • Read Only, All functions are READ ONLY, no update capabilities exist.
  • Work with huge data bases - UTB has been optimised for the REAL world were tables can have over a MILLION rows.
  • Save, Re-Use and Share.. save the query definition for later re-use or share with other colleagues.

UTB deploys a simple, fast and easy-to-use interface.  It allows you to very quickly see all the tables in your system, or filter to a specific set of tables.  If you query your database on a frequent basis you will find you can do your job quicker with UTB than with any other product we've seen.  Queries can be built and saved quickly. Tables can NOT be updated.

UTB is stable and super fast. During product demos we've seen people fall off their chairs at the speed (honest). It is a technically superior product and performs exceptionally well against all databases, from the smallest Access database to the largest enterprise system.   UTB is not packed to the brim with complex, confusing or useless features.  It is a simple to use, super efficient query tool.  It gives sufficient functionality for ANY database professional or end user to build and execute SQL queries against their databases.

UTB was designed by real users to provide an easy-to-use front-end to their MASSIVE ERP databases.  In developing this product, a large amount of effort has been invested in providing a simple, fast and easy-to use interface.  UTB provides you with the information you want with minimal clicking, typing and hunting through menus.  We have taken great effort to have clean and uncluttered windows. Other tools may be "prettier" than UTB, but none will allow you to do your job quicker.

What do our users find particularly useful ?

  • Allows you to very quickly see all the tables in your system and filter to a specific table or table set. 
  • Queries against the tables can be easily developed and saved. 
  • Allows you to run any SQL statement against your database. 
  • Has a sophisticated GUI Query Builder. 
  • Queries can be saved for later use. 
  • Results from a query can be exported to Excel. 
  • Whole query definition can be exported to Crystal Reports
  • A set of data can be copied to the clipboard for pasting into products such as Excel. 
  • Long-running queries can be canceled

The Universal Table Browser has been extensively proven on the road as an effective query tool. It has been developed out of frustration with the inadequacies of existing tools. It is used on a daily basis against large, varied and  "real" databases.   UTB can run against large databases (over 10,000 tables) and MASSIVE tables (over 100 million rows), especially mainframes and mini systems.