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Let Unity bring its vast experience in delivering superior services to YOUR organisation. We would provide highly experienced consultants who are "thinkers" as well as "doers". Their experience is gleaned from having worked in practical business roles as well as extensive experience of JD Edwards World and JD Edwards Enterprise One implementations.  Our commitment to providing a quality solution from day one together with on-going support and guidance is total.

Unity is an experienced JD Edwards solutions provider, able to assist you take your project from initial conception to final delivery.


Our implementation team has solid experience in working with businesses of all sizes in getting you up and running fast and on time to budget.  Our FAST TRACK project approach ensures that large complex implementations are managed correctly and nothing is missed.  All of our consultants are fully trained and JD Edwards certified.

Unity consultants are fully conversant with the localisation knowledge to take your project into ANY European country.  With language skills and many years experience in dealing with businesses of all sizes, we are able to support a on going role out or a complete project implementation.


With our development team, there is no technical challenge that cannot be dealt with.  Our team has the full developer skill set that you could expect, including Business Function editing and creating, C and VB skills as well as the usual JD Edwards Toolkit and ERW.  This same team are involved with the development of  Unity's own in house range of innovative software solutions like the jdeDirect ODBC Drivers.  We can also assist with your JD Edwards World development or upgrade requirements with extensive knowledge of RPG and the AS/400, Dreamwriter and FASTR.

CNC Technical

With the run time environment and infrastructure becoming more complex, it is imperative that you use only competent resources when installing or upgrading your architecture.  Unity's dedicated team of CNC technicians operate at all levels within your organisation, from writing a complete Technical Architecture Design document to installing the servers and operating systems.  Our consultants have implemented some the most complex large cluster solutions that have gone live, and have experience working with all supported JD Edwards platforms.  This same team are involved with the deployment of  Unity's own in house range of innovative software solutions like the jdeDirect ODBC Drivers.

Output Documents

Unity have partnered with Formscape to deal with management of Output Documents that come from a JD Edwards system, this is a full solution offering double byte support and the ability to archive formatted documents into a web based store.  Let Unity consultants show you how you could leverage the benefits of this solution for your entire range of output documents.
Reporting and BI Solutions

With our innovative jdeDirect middleware, we can implement a full web based reporting solution that is easy to manage and easy to work with.  With our partners world-class software products at the heart of the solution, your users will have a point and click report writing tool that can then easily be published onto a website for later execution.  No longer do your users have to struggle with the JD Edwards cryptic database table and column names, or an unwieldy ERW solution.  Let our consultants show you how this solution can be up and running within days.