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Unity has developed a number of products to meet the very specific and demanding needs of its growing customer base, our flagship product - jdeDirect, is a read only connector (ODBC driver) for JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne.  The JD Edwards World version is also distributed under license by Oracle branded as erpDirect with a Crystal Reports bundle.

 jdeDirect - Unleash your database

Have you implemented JD Edwards Enterprise One or JD Edwards World ?? Now you need to make the data easily available to your users - provide them with full access to the entire master and transactional data.  You need the freedom to pick what you want, to support management and the continuous improvement of your business - easily, flexibly and without undue reliance on IT staff.

Perhaps you're looking to implement a business intelligence, reporting or data warehousing solution such as Cognos, Hyperion, Crystal Reports, Crystal Enterprise: or to interface Microsoft Excel, Access and SQL Server with your existing JD Edwards Enterprise One and JD Edwards World system.

You will be aware that your back-end database is not the easiest of ERPs with which to build bridges and interfaces. You need to be able to deal with decimal scaling, strange date formats, security issues and a whole bunch of other constraints that will simply slow things down.

Others may have developed solutions, but do they work with ALL the various supported databases? Will they support your third party application? Will they work with JD Edwards World?  Are they cost effective? Will they give you the flexibility offered by unique solutions from Unity ?

At Unity we have taken our vast experience and technical understanding of the JD Edwards Enterprise One and JD Edwards World systems to develop an out-of-the-box, purpose built, intelligent bridge to the back-end ERP database. With jdeDirect, you'll have some clever front-end controls and manageability - delivering the power to move data in real time, fully formatted to your data analysis application.

We deliver this bridge as a fully functional, fully compliant READ ONLY ODBC driver. Suddenly your ODBC compliant application can see the full database schema - not as seen by other ODBC drivers...


erpDirect and Crystal Reports

Unity has bought together 2 great software products to give JD Edwards customers easy access to the reporting power of Crystal Reports while retaining JD Edwards World business logic and security.  Using the latest version of erpDirect (rebranded from jdeDirect) Data Access Driver, which has been specially updated for Crystal Reports and Enterprise users, customers can design reports directly off the World environments library list.  Logon requirements are gated by World security, so IT managers can be sure that users maintain their access privileges.  All date and numeric data is pre-processed and presented in the correct format, access to UDC descriptions is also made available.

Universal Table Browser - The Ultimate Query Tool

The UTB is a fully functioning Query Tool giving you access to your database using ODBC connections. A graphical user interface means that you can simply point and click your way to complex SQL statements or use the SQL editor to write your query direct.

The UTB has been optimized for massive databases, capable of dealing with MILLIONS of rows and thousands of columns. The UTB will deliver data to you at blistering speed - the likes of which you've never seen before.  UTB was originally developed around the needs of the ERP marketplace, where databases are run on anything from Microsoft SQL server, IBM DB2 through to massive parallel Oracle databases. These systems typically service many hundreds, sometimes thousands of users. Their databases are simply GIGANTIC running into MANY TERABYTES of disk space.

Unity brings you the ultimate Query Tool which is being used by these organizations. Stop looking at the hour glass and start seeing your data !!