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OneWorld & EnterpriseOne Media and Text Objects

Unity's new version 3.0 ODBC drivers for JD Edwards OneWorld and EnterpriseOne now expose E1 media and text objects just like any other table and column. The jdeDirect ODBC driver now exposes ALL the GT structures as Tables, and then makes the media objects available in a number of formats in various columns for customized viewing.

The process is simple and straight forward:

1. Select the "Parent Table" and its associated GT MO table from the files list. The GT structures are all presented as tables for ease of use in Crystal.

2. The high level Keys will be presented in the GT table, simply join using the associated parent table keys - easy !!

3. Select the Columns you want in your report.  The rendered Image is in IMMOCRYSTAL, the URL/UNC is in IMMOLINK, the RTF Text is in IMMORTF and so on ...

4. Run the report ....

You can now start using E1 media objects and not worry about how to give users access to them. Go ahead and post your invoices, purchase orders and other documents including technical drawings, etc... into the relevant media queue and deploy Unity's ODBC drivers as the means of presenting the objects back to your users.

By using Crystal Reports Server as a simple to use web based report distribution model, you can start publishing media objects within hours.

Are you using Formscape/Covus, Create Form, or Optio ? Okay. Let our technical services team show you how to push your generated output back into the system as correctly linked media objects, ready for users to access using the simple web based interface of Crystal Reports Server.Currently certified and tested for Crystal Reports and Crystal Reports Server only. Unity drivers can currently render Images only, all other objects may be referenced as URL links and may be rendered using the browsers capabilities.