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Have you implemented JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or JD Edwards World?? Now you need to make the data easily available to your users - provide them with full access to the entire master and transactional data.  You need the freedom to pick what you want, to support management and the continuous improvement of your business - easily, flexibly and without undue reliance on IT staff.

Perhaps you're looking to implement a business intelligence or data warehousing solution such as Cognos, Hyperion, Crystal Reports, Crystal Enterprise: or to interface Microsoft Excel, Access and SQL Server with your existing JD Edwards Enterprise One and JD Edwards World system.

You will be aware that your back-end database is not the easiest of ERP's with which to build bridges and interfaces. You need to be able to deal with decimal scaling, strange date formats, security issues and a whole bunch of other constraints that will simply slow things down.  Others may have developed solutions, but do they work with ALL the various supported databases? Will they support your third party application? Will they work with World?

Are they cost effective? Will they give you the flexibility offered by unique solutions from Unity ?

At Unity we have taken our vast experience and technical understanding of the JD Edwards Enterprise One and JD Edwards World systems to develop an out-of-the-box, purpose built, intelligent bridge to the back-end ERP database. With jdeDirect, you'll have some clever front-end controls and manageability - delivering the power to move data in real time, fully formatted to your data analysis application.

We deliver this bridge as a fully functional, fully compliant READ ONLY ODBC driver.  Suddenly your ODBC compliant application can see the full database schema - not as seen by other ODBC drivers.  With a jdeDirect Driver, the schema includes

  • Enable JDE Security
  • Expose long table names
  • Expose long column names
  • Expose UDC descriptions 1
  • Apply vocabulary overrides
  • Apply language overrides
  • Expose dates correctly
  • Apply decimal scaling


The jdeDirect driver will deliver all the bridging and interfacing requirements your implementation needs.

  •      You can be up and running within minutes of installing.

  •     Your interfaces don't need hard-coding to database owners, libraries and the like.

  •      No more file transfers or manual intervention.

  •      Makes the whole job of applying updates and upgrades so much easier.

Installing a jdeDirect Driver is pretty much plug and play - typical installation time is minutes from downloading the driver to receiving data into your analysis application.  We have experience working with large multi-nationals and SMEs and the jdeDirect driver is today being used to provide data for Cognos, Hyperion, Crystal Reports and Crystal Enterprise and into Microsoft Excel, Access and SQL Server and many more applications.  Make your job easier.  Insist on the best, most cost effective solution on the market.  Trusted by hundreds of existing users and by the leading software vendors.  Use only jdeDirect ODBC Drivers.