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erpDirect and Crystal Reports

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Unity, together with Oracle and Business Objects have made available one license of Crystal Reports and a single concurrent license of Crystal Enterprise, including the powerful data access engine of erpDirect (re-branded from jdeDirect) to every JD Edwards World site.

Release Notes - JD Edwards World A7.3.16 including Crystal Reporting Solution


 Data Sheet - Crystal Reports for JD Edwards World


 FAQ - Crystal Reports for JD Edwards World


 Information Sheet - Crystal Reports & JD Edwards World

Crystal Reports™ 10 and Crystal Enterprise™ 10 helps JD Edwards World users extend the value of their World system with features that help them turn ERP data into decision making information. The market leading tool for desktop and web reporting, Crystal Reports enables users to quickly create presentation-quality reports, distribute advanced reports to others, or integrate powerful reporting into desktop or web applications. For reports from virtually any database, flexible analysis and formatting capabilities, and advanced reporting over the web, Crystal Reports 10 is the ideal solution.
Seamless Access to World data

Unity has bought together 2 great software products to give customers easy access to the reporting power of Crystal Reports while retaining JD Edwards World business logic and security. Using the latest version of erpDirect (previously jdeDirect) Data Access Driver, which has been specially updated for Crystal Reports and Enterprise users, customers can design reports directly off the World environments library list. Logon requirements are gated by World security, so IT managers can be sure that users maintain their access privileges. All date and numeric data is pre-processed and presented in the correct format, access to UDC descriptions is also made available.

Powerful Content Creation

  •      Design interactive reports with drill-down, charts, alerting and parameter prompts.
  •    Publish reports to a variety of formats including XML, PDF, DHTML, RTF and Microsoft Exce

Web Publishing System
  •   Rapidly deploy your reporting solutions to the Web with a web-based report management system.
  •   Deliver real-time information with report-streaming technology, or automate delivery with the flexible scheduling feature.
  •   Built on the Crystal eBusiness Framework, a scalable. Multi-server, mission critical infrastructure for enterprise reporting.





erpDirect for JD Edwards World is a Restricted Use License (RUL) distributed under license by Oracle.